The High-Ticket Accelerator

Craft & launch your High-Ticket offer in 11-days

The truth is you are sitting on a GOLDMINE!

You already have your very own Secret Sauce and NOW it is time to showcase it to the world!

If you are an online entrepreneur, expert, coach, mentor, consultant, course creator, or agency, and you are READY to connect and attract high paying clients that you LOVE and you are GOING to STOP playing small...then this 11-day transformational experience is going to change how you make money forever.

Over the next 11-days, I am going to share EVERYTHING I have mastered over the past 25-years selling high-ticket, and you get access to it all, so you can master it in not years, months or even weeks, but in only 11-days.

Success is just days always when you have a proven path to follow, a ride-or-die Mentor by your side and done-for-you tech, so you can do what you love most (making impact and helping your clients).

Let me share with you a secret...

It is not meant to be as hard as you are making it.

It should be effortless.

If you are ready to craft and launch your most irresistible offer ever and have paying clients in the next 11-days, then this is what you have been waiting for.

"The strategies that got you to where you are will not get you to where you want to go”.

We work together on the systems, strategies and processes that will take you from where you are now to $100,000 to $1 Million+ and beyond…

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We will work together to create or refine an offer capable of hitting 7-figures, as if your offer and core messaging are not on point, nothing can save you! We will co-create this offer so your audience is crystal clear on how you can help them.

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We will work together on your pricing, so you WILL charge your worth and will stop undercharging.

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You don't have to build anything, as you are here to craft and launch your high-ticket offer in 11-days and not learn tech. Your high-converting funnel will be built for you, so by the end of the 11-days, you will have launched and have paying clients.

This is not about learning more, it is about getting to market at the speed of light. So you can serve your clients and do the work you love. I will personally tell you what to do, how to do it, and FAST.

This is a nurturing, connection system (as I do not believe in high-pressure sales) your clients are not fish and don't want to be baited or gotten!

A scalable, automated and predictable income will set you FREE and enable you to create more impact, money and freedom than you ever thought possible.

I would love to invite you to come and try the first 3 days of us working together for FREE

Please only apply if you are committed to showing up and doing the work, as this is going to change how you make money forever. It is life-changing.

After the 3-free days if you would like to be part of The High-Ticket Accelerator, the investment is $5,000USD.


Godfather Offer Written For you

Value $5,000

Funnel Built For You

Value $5,000

“To walk in Victoria’s energetic footprint is to open a portal unlike any other. Within minutes of our first session, I felt this immediate activation and have never witnessed a bigger, more genuine heart. Victoria is normalising women make massive wealth, and every day in her world blows my mind."

Emily Adams

Beautiful Soul Victoria,

Thank you SO MUCH for facilitating our incredible DOING DAY today. Everything you do is so jam-packed with VALUE, and today was no exception. I feel so in awe of the level of value you are delivering and of the richness of what you host. I could listen to you all day… Your warmth, authenticity, expertise, kindness, sincerity, and care are so palpable. I can FEEL your investment in us… in me!

THANK YOU for serving in such a transformational way.

The reservoir of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that you provide is unparalleled and unlike anything I’ve experienced or witnessed from someone in your field before. It makes me admire, trust, and appreciate you that much more!

I know I’ve been slow to get going as I navigate Covid recovery, but I am all in and I feel so excited, happy, and grateful to be working with you. You’ve accelerated my progress leaps and bounds beyond where I would have been without you. I know that. And I knew that this would be the result the moment I signed up to work with you. Still, you’ve exceeded my expectations.

The way you lay out the path to building a business makes it seem feasible, tangible, and real. When I envision the trajectory that you describe, I feel like you’re making my heart’s desires come true! I want to spend my life offering value to others in deep, rich ways that also support me financially.

Thank you for sharing SO GENEROUSLY with people like me, who are just beginners but who have a message and a passion that they desire to share.

I am tearing up writing this and wish I could wrap my arms and the fullness of my love and gratitude around you for real!

But I hope you can feel the depth of my appreciation in the energy of my words. I adore the being that you are. And I know that my adoration may sound like it’s tied to the results I envision you’ll provide me with, and while that’s certainly part of the source of my appreciation…

I am truly in this moment just sitting in the profound awareness of your inner being… your decision to show up for yourself, first and foremost… your huge learning curve and years of trial and error that must have been so intense for you but that were no doubt guided by a vision that you courageously and persistently held to (and that now provides the foundation for the quality of what you offer and your legacy that will live on through all those who create impact BECAUSE of you)… your generosity and kindness as a way of life… your commitment to integrity… your desire to foster true connection… your warmth and nurturing nature… your beautiful embodiment of both the masculine (doing/action) and feminine (being/connection) energies…

I could go on, but I’ll end here… and carry the warmth of your radiant glow, genuine care, and powerful inspiration with me as I sleep tonight.

You are my answer to prayer. THANK YOU for all that you are.

Your soul is clearly here to make a huge difference on the planet, and I’m grateful to be touched by your divine glow.

Jen Snoxell

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Million Dollar High-Ticket Strategist & Mentor


Victoria Garlick is a High-Performance Business & Lifestyle Mentor, Million Dollar Brand Strategist.

Victoria hosts online transformational experiences, very high level masterminds, is an international thought leader and speaker, and works with a very select group of one-on-one clients and 7-figure corporate clients.

The tag line for her business is "One Who Embodies Radical Self Ownership" and Victoria's clients for the past 25 years move at the speed of light to transform their lives and business, understanding that we all have one life, and this our opportunity to make it truly spectacular.

Victoria, her husband Cameron, 3 children Indiana, Kai and Nivara, and puppy, Kalana all live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

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