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At "Your Seat At The Table, The Global Movement", we believe that everyone is capable of achieving amazing things, but we also know you cannot do it alone.

This global movement is for YOU

If you are hungry for more and ready to leap into the unknown, armed with an unshakable belief that you possess the power and capability to create success for yourself and others

This is your invitation to be a Founding Partner of YSATT.

What does your Founding Partner membership include?
The opportunity to present a Masterclass and/or share your business, product, services and offers
You will be invited to partner-only bespoke events and experiences
The opportunity to share your story in our online magazine, with articles curated by our editorial team
Partner-only access to all masterclasses, courses and programs inside the YSATT library
Post jobs to the community for free and connect and network
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Let's do a full audit of your business, including offer(s), pricing, messaging, positioning etc and work out how we can bring you in 10 new clients in the next 10-days.

1:1 business coaching for 12-months

Imagine having a Business Mentor in your business, that focuses on helping you add an extra $30K-$50K to your business every single month.

Your own Mentor in your pocket!

Your Investment


High-Performance Business & Lifestyle Mentor & Million Dollar Brand Strategist


Victoria Garlick is a High-Performance Business & Lifestyle Mentor & Million Dollar Brand Strategist.

Victoria has a personal mission to empower anyone in the world that has a passion to start, launch, build, grow or scale their own business to provide them with the FREE tools and resources to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their businesses.

Victoria strongly believes it is a fundamental right for anyone who has a big idea to be able to bring it to life—and FREEDOM ISLAND is here to fulfill that mission.

Victoria, her husband Cameron, 3 children Indiana, Kai and Nivara, and puppy, Kalana all live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

"As a Business Coach, I find it incredibly time consuming to do the marketing on top of everything else as a one-person business. Within the first 5-days of working with Victoria and her team, they had re-written and re-positioned my offer and added in 2 pay-in-full bonuses which enabled me to sell 5 of my coaching containers @ $11K each within the first week together.

At the end of the 30-days, I had been able to bring in 13 new clients with hardly any extra work on my side. I can now serve my clients and leave the client acquisition to the VG DREAM TEAM".

Michael Anthony

"WOW - loved everything about this 30 day transformsional done for you experience. We have launched a multiple revenue steam business model with Victoria's guidance and this is our 3rd month hitting $120K with our consulting business".

Python Consulting

Thank you Victoria and the whole team at Hyperspeed Wealth. The 1:1 sessions enabled me to get crystal clear on the exact steps I need to take my business from 6 figures to 7 figures and it has been the most fun, wild ride! Thank you team.

Mel Williams, Life Coach & Mentor

As a Veterinarian I didn't imagine that I could create online courses for dog owners, let alone get them selling before creating them and now having $80K months, it is brilliant! I highly recommend Victoria Garlick and her entire team of world class business growth exports. They did my logo, brand style guide and course slides within the first 2-days, so I could start pre-selling my course globally (and so professionally).

Olivia Davies, Dog Whisperer!

"What a great way to grow and scale my business quickly, I have only dreamt of hitting $80K months and now am ready to do it consistently with Victoria and her team of experts connecting with my audience via LinkedIn and closing deals for me. In the past 60-days working with the team, I have generated 2 x $80K months. There is NO WAY I could have done that on my own in that time-frame".

Bianca Cabarilli

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket! How many times have I heard that saying? Within the first 2-weeks of working with Victoria, we had created and launched my Mastermind and sold 12 @ $12,000 each. I had never thought of adding more streams of revenue into my business and now we are working on a paid membership platform to launch next month".

Sarah-Jane, The Collective

Hyperspeed Wealth has been the biggest game changer in my business. As a Chiropractor for the past 14-years, I was so over trading time for money, so within days of joining Victoria's world, we had my memebrship platform, online course and app mapped out. We launched it all 3-weeks later and I had my first ever $100K month PROFIT.

Jeff Rose

"Have you ever heard the statistic that millionaires have an average of 3-5 streams of income?". Within 5-days of working with Victoria and her team, we had mapped out both active and passive income streams of revenue and my VSL funnels were launched. We moved at the speed of light, and I have 10X my revenue in the 90-days inside Hyperspeed Wealth. I would not have been able to do what we co-created together in less than 90-days in a whole year working on my own."

Jeff B @ Boomerang Consulting

"Thanks VG and team, what an amazing experience working with you. I love my new offer, love the audience expansion and how quickly you got my business results. We have sold 3 of our $50K offer this month and have the affiliate program ready to roll out next month".

Stephen Wood

"Our clinic has brought in 23 new clients in the past 30-days and having this all done-for-us has been the most incredible opportunity. We have just signed up to work with you for another 6-months and couldn't be more excited about the possibilities to come. Most professional (and fun) experience of my business - thanks rockstar VG team".

Lisa Paisley

"I have been at 6-figures for years and nothing was moving the money needle for me. Working with Victoria and her team has enabled me to diversify my revenue streams, and I now have 4. Learning how to create high ticket online courses, coaching and a $25K mastermind has changed everything for me...all at hyperspeed".

Scott @TheMindsetCoach

I have always wanted to offer a course as part of my coaching business, but had no idea where to start! Working with Victoria in hyperspeed wealth, we mapped out my course, pre-sold 10 places at $10,000 each BEFORE even filming 1-module. 25 years as a Business Growth Expert and Mentor shows within the first minutes of speaking with Victoria, she is the real deal! Woke up to 55 course slide templates done for me in my brand colours as a gift, she knows how to over deliver!

Jing Ya, Business Coach​

Beautiful Soul Victoria,

Thank you SO MUCH for facilitating our incredible DOING DAY today. Everything you do is so jam-packed with VALUE, and today was no exception. I feel so in awe of the level of value you are delivering and of the richness of what you host. I could listen to you all day… Your warmth, authenticity, expertise, kindness, sincerity, and care are so palpable. I can FEEL your investment in us… in me!

THANK YOU for serving in such a transformational way.

The reservoir of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that you provide is unparalleled and unlike anything I’ve experienced or witnessed from someone in your field before. It makes me admire, trust, and appreciate you that much more!

I know I’ve been slow to get going as I navigate Covid recovery, but I am all in and I feel so excited, happy, and grateful to be working with you. You’ve accelerated my progress leaps and bounds beyond where I would have been without you. I know that. And I knew that this would be the result the moment I signed up to work with you. Still, you’ve exceeded my expectations.

The way you lay out the path to building a business makes it seem feasible, tangible, and real. When I envision the trajectory that you describe, I feel like you’re making my heart’s desires come true! I want to spend my life offering value to others in deep, rich ways that also support me financially.

Thank you for sharing SO GENEROUSLY with people like me, who are just beginners but who have a message and a passion that they desire to share.

I am tearing up writing this and wish I could wrap my arms and the fullness of my love and gratitude around you for real!

But I hope you can feel the depth of my appreciation in the energy of my words. I adore the being that you are. And I know that my adoration may sound like it’s tied to the results I envision you’ll provide me with, and while that’s certainly part of the source of my appreciation…

I am truly in this moment just sitting in the profound awareness of your inner being… your decision to show up for yourself, first and foremost… your huge learning curve and years of trial and error that must have been so intense for you but that were no doubt guided by a vision that you courageously and persistently held to (and that now provides the foundation for the quality of what you offer and your legacy that will live on through all those who create impact BECAUSE of you)… your generosity and kindness as a way of life… your commitment to integrity… your desire to foster true connection… your warmth and nurturing nature… your beautiful embodiment of both the masculine (doing/action) and feminine (being/connection) energies…

I could go on, but I’ll end here… and carry the warmth of your radiant glow, genuine care, and powerful inspiration with me as I sleep tonight.

You are my answer to prayer. THANK YOU for all that you are.

Your soul is clearly here to make a huge difference on the planet, and I’m grateful to be touched by your divine glow.

Jen Snoxell